Fancy a walk on treetops?


This place is touted as the World’s longest canopy walk. So, we have to check it out.

I have been to the one in Taman Negara, Langkawi and smaller ones elsewhere. The one in Taman Negara is really scary because they use ropes and planks and I had a 1 year old baby in my arms back then. That was in the midst of the rainforest and those trees are really, really high. Meanwhile, the one in Langkawi gives you the swaying feelings because the walkway moves when the wind blows. I was there during bad weather and I enjoyed that thrilling walk.

So, I must say the one in Sungai Sedim is quite tame except that the walkway is made of galvanised steel netting and does feel ‘fragile’ when we step on it.


After a few steps, you start to feel secure and that takes away the thrill factor.

Entrance fee is RM10 for adults and RM6 for kids 7 years old to 12 years old. They give you some briefing on the construction of the canopy walk.


The highest point is only about 265 metre above ground level. (I think) On the day when we went, we were the only people there so it was a nice walk of almost 1KM with no loud tourists to spoil the mood.

To get to Sungai Sedim, you need to go to Kulim and follow the road signs there. They have a website which you can find out more information. However, right now, they are constructing the road leading to the place and the road condition is very, very, very bad. The hostel owner in Sungai Sedim said the road construction will be ready in May 2008.

I know foreign tourists will probably enjoy the walk in the jungle plus the canopy walk. It is a pity that they have not thought of making the road first before they build the place. There are rubber trees, durian trees, quaint kampong houses along the way and these are things that will be interesting to foreign tourists.

Oh ya, we even stopped to buy some dodol. Overall, it is a nice ride through the countryside.

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  1. Hi
    is this canopy walk a new onme?
    yea i went to the taman negara one years ago.. scary and back then they told mi its the longest canopy walk.. How i miss the trill of the filmsy canopy =p

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