Happy Deepavali!

My new neighbour is an Indian family who celebrates Deepavali. So, I got these bunch of homemade cookies from her. Yay! I feel Deepavali-ish already.


My favourite is the tiny balls made of mungbean flour, ghee, cardamons and I am not sure what else. It is so nice to have the little balls melt in my mouth. My kids hate it so I get to stuff myself silly with the sweet, floury balls.


She also gave us a big tub of murukku. I think all are homemade ‘cos she is a great cook and I can die when the fragrant of her curries got into my home. I told my sons to find an Indian wife one day. That way I get to eat curries and murukku all day long.

HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO ALL! Sorry for the delay in wishes because I was waiting for some relevant photos to post.