In love with octopus balls and flying fish (bonito)

I never give much thought to those stalls in Jusco because most of them are selling greasy stuffs like chips, chicken, nuggets and etc. However, one day while I was lepak-ing (mulling around) around there, I notice how interesting the process of preparing the tako balls are.

I do not even know what they are except that it looks kind of fun to twirl the batter, add cabbages, add octopus or cheese & ham, unagi, salmon (and god knows what else they have) and then, keep rolling till they get these ping pong size balls. Because of my curiousity, I ordered three.

tako ball (octopus ball)

After cooking the balls, they splash a generous amount of mayonnaise on them and sprinkle them with bonito or those thin slices of dried fish which seems to fly due to the steam of the tako balls. They also add seaweed flakes and some teriyaki sauce.

It is one messy platter of soft balls with the yummiest fillings. I am surprised that the cabbage doesn’t taste ‘vege-tablish’ but blends well with the creamy batter and springy octopus.

tako ball (octopus ball)

After I got the steaming tako balls, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into them. It was so difficult to eat it without looking like I am very greedy. They gave me only one stick to balance the balls and it keeps dropping. So, my advice, grab the balls and find a place to sit down and enjoy them before the balls get cold.

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