Kelapa Bakar (roasted coconut)

Recently, we had been travelling to Kuala Sedim and Ulu Paip a lot. I have seen this little stall by the roadside selling Kelapa Bakar or coconuts roasted with wood fire.

kelapa bakar

Not being able to contain my curiousity anymore, I forced hubby finally stop and let me try what it is. Well, it is whole coconut thrown into wood fire. The man has this furnace where the coconuts are placed inside and burnt with woods. The coconuts naturally produce a lot of smoke and hence, attracted my attention.

kelapa bakar

The outer husk of the coconut is totally black. The man cut off the burnt husk and gave us the whole coconut. Since it was so hot, we just took it home. It comes with a packet of Malay herbal tea which the man said is good for health.

Taste? It is still coconut water but taste better. The flesh too detached easily from the shell and is edible. I was expecting some with more ‘coconut candy’ taste so I find it a bit bland.

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  1. Never heard of Kelapa Bakar before.
    Really nice blog, Ive been stuck on it for the past 3 days 🙂
    And your recipes on simple cooking has inspired me start cooking meals for myself~

  2. The Thais has make the Kelapa Bakar, but they did a research and only use particular breed of coconut. Thus the Thais version of “baked” coconut water taste sweeter (confirm without added sugar) compare to Malaysia version.

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