Nasi lemak Sunday

I found that I have enough ingredients to make nasi lemak. So, in a flash, I whipped up our Sunday lunch as below :

nasi lemak dishes

I fried the chicken with some spices, made egg belandah for the little ones, sambal sotong and shrimps for us and boiled some spinach with takua like palak paneer and hard boiled eggs.

fried chicken

The fried chicken is delicious! I seasoned the chicken thighs with jintan manis, jintan putih and kas-kas (fennel, cummins and poppy seeds). Well those are the only spices I have so I make do with them. I deep fried the chicken and when it is about to be cooked, I added some cut onions and a few pandan leaves into the oil. The pandan and onions made the chicken really like those sold by the mamak.

sambal sotong dan udang

For the gravy, I cooked sambal sotong. I used the brown cuttlefish (sotong basah) and some shrimps. Just cut the onions, fry it with some chili boh, add tamarind and sugar.

indian style spinach

I have a bunch of very sad looking spinach (bayam) and decided to cook it Indian style as they are wilted and limp. What I did was to cut them into tiny pieces, add green chili, two squares of hard tofu (taukua), some tumeric and a little pinch of some spices I found at the bottom of my fridge. (the type used to cook curry) Just boil them together till soft. LOL, it turned out tasty.

nasi lemak or coconut milk rice

The nasi lemak made with one tiny box of santan or coconut milk, pinch of salt, some onion and ginger plus pandan leaves.

nasi lemak

And that’s Sunday lunch and dinner for us. Our whole island is crammed with tourists from out of town and the crowd around makes going out a big turn off. It is so nice to just stay home doing nothing (and spending nothing).

Like I said, it wasn’t a planned menu so I just use whatever I can find in my fridge. Still, the nasi lemak is damn delicious! Yummy..I have provided the links to the recipes of the individual dish. However, I just cincai-cincai cook the above without going through the whole process. In all, I think I only need less than one hour to prepare all the dishes. I had seasoned the chicken much earlier.

LOL, I asked hubby how’s the taste of the dishes and nasi lemak. He said I am good enough to marry either an Indian or a Malay!

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  1. gosh!! i just had breakfast and got hungry all over again reading this post…the fried chicken looks really good…. i can never whip up all that in less than an hour! you rock!:)

  2. eh, you really are a good cook. By looking at your hard boiled egg without any green color ring around the york tells me you have excellent skills. Yummy nasi lemak too.

  3. wah..cincai cook also so nice..!….i scratch head everytime think of cooking…son r wants pasta with homecook white sauce…son h wants something spicy with rice…..

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