Baked macaroni and cheese for a large group

A week ago, my teen son asked me to bring a dish for his friends to break fast. These are teens who have been fasting till 4 pm. Imagine! A bunch of very, very hungry teens. My kid did not give me ample notice and only told me the night before. So, I rummaged through my freezer and granary and found enough things for a huge casserole of baked macaroni.

bake macaroni cheese/pasta

If you are feeding teens, make some Western dish and stuff lots of cheese and you will be their favourite aunty. 🙂

bake macaroni cheese/pasta

It is important to make sure that all the foods are cooked thoroughly. I do not want to leave it to chance so I cooked everything separately before I baked them. These are ;

1) I boiled a packet of macaroni, drain and leave aside.

2) I boiled a big packet of Emmenthaler cheese filled chicken cocktails, leave aside.

3) I cut some chicken meats to small pieces and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then, I chopped some large onions and garlics and stir fried them till cooked.

I wanted a balance of meats and macaroni as those teens need lots of protein.

For the sauce, I used a box of cream and half a bottle of pasta sauce (tomato base to take away the ‘creami-ness’ of the cream). I also grated one block of mozarella cheese and used one tiny packet of parmesan.

bake macaroni cheese/pasta

I mixed all the ingredients in the casserole, inlcuding the cheese. However, leave some to sprinkle on the top. Since all the ingredients are cooked, I just need to bake it at 200 deg. until the top turned a nice brown.

Of course, I brought back an empty casserole after the break fast feast. Most of the other teens brought traditional foods so having pasta is a delight.

So, the key to remember is to make sure that all your foods are cooked thoroughly if you are preparing foods for large parties. Never attempt to cook food in large quantities the usual way you prepare for your family because some parts of the foods may not heat through thoroughly.

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  1. *do some mental arithmetic* wah, the cost of this dish oso no joke!

    psst, wat did ur son’s frens bring? fried beehoon n biscuits in tin?

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