A typical meal at home

Well, not exactly a typical meal but when I am in the mood, I do tend to cook nice dishes for the family. The best thing is my little kid who is four years old and my #3 sons are trained to take food photos. Normally, I have a camera handy and when they see something worth capturing, they will do that for me.

While I was downloading the photos just now, I found many of the dishes I had cooked over the weeks. A few of the photos were taken by me and some were taken by my sons.

tomyam prawns

I have the basic recipe for tomyam stock and the tomyam recipe with prawns.

fried fish and chicken

Fried fish and fried chicken because one kid doesn’t eat fish so I have to make both. *roll eyes*

loh han chye

Loh han chye which is made of a mixture of mushroom, fresh black fungus, snow peas, carrots and celery.

The recipes to all the above are linked. Just click on the links provided.