A very vegetarian meal

cheese ball - indian style

We couldn’t make up our mind on where to eat yesterday evening and after driving around town, we decided to go to an Indian restaurant which I had featured before.

The above is the cheese balls my son ordered. One bite into it and he decided that’s not the kind of cheese ball he imagined. However, to me, it is really delicious with all the vegetables and black pepper flavourings.


The place hires a lot of (hensem) Nepalese (or some foreigners who are very fair) and it was a problem communicating with them. They said yes to every single question. As you know, Indian foods all sound very ‘foreign’ and I wanted to be sure what I am ordering. In the end, we gave up and just point to every item that we think is palatable.

indian curry

We ordered two sets of their special Sunday dosai. And the dosais come with these tiny bowls of curries. They do look the same, huh?


The dosai that looks more like omelette. Only RM2.80 for these two pieces and that tiny bowls of curries. The place is airconditioned and you have hensem Nepalese waiters attending to you. Cheap, right?

madras filtered coffee

I am surprised that their Madras filtered coffee actually tastes good. I was expecting cummin flavoured or cinnamon flavoured funny tasting coffee but it has no ‘Indian spice’ hint at all.

Do make a visit to Madras New Woodlands. It is actually rather nice to dine there because the prices are very cheap compared to those exorbitantly priced North Indian restaurants and yet, doesn’t have the stuffy feel of the regular South Indian restaurants.

We had so many dishes and so much onions, my sons said we should be marching with Hindraf! Initially, they were complaining about the vegetables and onions but I convinced them we are eating unity meals. I think I can smell the spices and onions even after a night sleep.

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