Me cooks Mee Udang (prawn noodle)

Mee udang

Last Friday, I was staring at my bare freezer. All I have were a piece of chicken breast, some large prawns and a bunch of wilted vegetables. There weren’t eggs left too. All of us were tired of eating out and I must cook something.

dried wheat noodle

So, this is what I did when I have nothing to cook.

1) Boil three pieces of dried noodles till slightly soft. I used Vit Mee which is firmer than the regular instant noodle.

2) Season the chicken and prawns with some cornflour, soya sauce and pepper.

3) Take whatever limpy vege I had, i.e. oyster mushroom, tomatos, cabbage, snow peas and give them a quick dunk in the hot water used for boiling noodle.

4) Chop some garlic and onions, stir fry with some fermented soya bean paste (taucheo) and then, add the chicken and prawns and stir fry till cooked through.

5) Add the noodle, vege and a can of tomato soup. Taste and season with some sugar and tomato ketchup.

Yumm….It tastes a lot better than all those fakey mee udang out there because I didn’t add any water, only pure tomato soup.

The next day, my little boy asked me when I am cooking tomato mee again. Now, that means it is tasty.

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