Teriyaki salmon – sort of


I only like raw salmon. Or smoked salmon. Never cooked salmon and especially, not something in sweet teriyaki sauce. But one of my son loves the sweetish, sticky teriyaki sauce salmon or flounder that he ate at Japanese restaurants. As you know, Japanese restaurants’ foods are really expensive.

So, before I go bankrupt feeding them, let me mimic their recipe. After all, how hard is it for a Chinese to come up with some sweet gravy, right?


Do you know that there are even fake salmon too? WTF? Usually, we buy our salmons in the whole, i.e. one giant salmon and then, have them cut into the kind of cuts we want. The frozen foods shop owner told us that there are cheaper version of salmons from China which have peachy colour and not pinkish.

To make a quickie teriyaki salmon, what I did was to pan fry the slab of salmon till partially cooked. Rub a bit of salt before frying. This will give a firmer fish and not flaky, broken pieces.

teriyaki salmon

For the teriyaki sauce, I added one tablespoon of the followings :
1) Teriyaki sauce
2) Honey
3) Shoyu (or whatever you call soya sauce in Japanese)
and one teaspoon of corn flour to half a cup of water.

After the fish is partially cooked, add the gravy and leave the fish to simmer for a while.

The sauce passed my son’s finicky quality control and he said it tastes almost as good as those Japanese restaurants’ teriyaki salmon.

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  1. sweet jasmine – Yalor, if not I pokkai lor. LOL, one trip costs me RM100-RM200, cannot afford to do that every few days.

    new kid on the blog – Yeah, one of my son has very sensitive taste buds and he can discern the tastes of foods. *roll eyes*

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