Discovery on bestest fried chicken (ayam goreng rempah dan madu)

My children like spicy fried chicken and buying from mamak stall is not the best option. They like the spiciness minus the heat (hotness) of the chillies. I dislike getting from mamak restaurants because they are damn expensive and frankly, if you look at the oil these chicken are cooked in, I think we can die of cancer already. Oil that has been overheated beyond the safety level will break down and turn carcinogenic. (so says my doctor)

I have made some pretty good Malay style fried chicken before.

spring onion

However, a batch of onions that I bought are sprouting tree! So, I want to get rid of the rest which have not grown into spring onion yet. What I did was to fry the chicken the usual way.

This time, I added in three stalks lemongrass, a few strands of pandan leaves and curry leaves into the hot oil. These three ingredients give off the most heavenly fragrance.

I also added in three onions which have been sliced.

Fry the chicken till golden. Pour away all the oil, leave the chicken in the frying pan.

fried chicken

I intentionally leave those dried leaves there to show readers the ingredients. If you are serving guests, do throw them away. LOL, they look so messy.

spicy fried chicken

After you have drained away all the oil, pour in some sugar and honey to coat the chicken with a sticky and sweet sauce. The result is absolutely delicious. Thanks to Pablo for giving me the idea to add curry leaves to make it almost kamheong like.

The recipes for fried chicken can be found below. You just need to add the leaves/onions and coat with honey/sugar at the end of the cooking process.

Recipes :
Tumeric fried chicken

Fried chicken with onion

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