Finger foods for New Year’s Eve

smoked salmon, carviare, cream cheese, cracker

It is very easy to prepare finger foods and depending on your budget, you can get some pretty interesting stuffs that go well with booze. No cooking is required.

We did the above with Arnotts Table Water crackers and cream cheese. We put a slice of smoked salmon and a little bit of black caviare for colour. These are just regular stuffs I grabbed from the supermarket shelves.

french loaf

French loaves also make very good finger foods. Normally, we like to use the bread to dunk into curry or stew gravies. Otherwise, you can easily make garlic bread with them.

Last year, we have the same crackers and berries. If cost is not a problem, Boursin cream cheese or some other blue cheese will be tastier. However, if I am serving guests, I only use the regular Kraft cream cheese.


If you are not too lazy, spring rolls, whether fresh ones or deep fried versions are always a hit with guests.

Otherwise, deep fried wantan too makes very good finger foods.

As for the health conscious guests, let them chew on celery and carrot sticks. Bluekkkk….