Jamie Oliver lamb shank pie

My two older children have heard so much of me talking about Jamie Oliver and saw me constantly holding one of the two Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks I have that they have these jokes amongst themselves.

(this is the Jamie Oliver lamb shank pie I made)

“Your ma has a new Jesus, and his name is Jamie.”


“Your ma is reading her new bible by Jamie Oliver.”


“One of these day, your ma is going to put up an altar worshipping Jamie Oliver.”


“Jesus is the lamb of God and Jamie is the lamb shank.”

jamie oliver
(and this is how it looks like in Jamie Oliver’s cook book.

Well, I really depend on Jamie’s two cookbooks for most of my ideas. Usually, I just thumb through and then, go to the kitchen and try to come up with whatever ingredients I have.

jamie oliver cookbooks

So, how did I do the lamb shank pie? Easy. After I had stewed the lamb shanks according to this recipe for lamb shank, I merely put the lamb shanks into a casserole. I blended the carrots and celery sticks which I used in the stewing to make the gravy thicker. Then, I rub a beaten egg on the surface of the casserole where I want to make sure the pastry sticks to the casserole.

I have a packet of frozen puff pastry and just cut them and criss cross them on top of the lamb shanks. Then, glaze with more eggs and then, bake for 20 minutes at 200 deg celcius or until the puff turned golden brown.

jamie oliver lamb shank pie

This dish certainly looks more impressive than bringing a pot of lamb shank for serving. What I did was to use a sharp knife and cut the tender meats into pieces and then, gently pulled out the large bones. So, the pie remains intact with smaller pieces of lamb underneath. Moreover, the puff pastry nicely soaked up the gravy and it is delicious.

So, all hail Jamie, my new idol.

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  1. wow…i could not wait to buy some lamb shanks…to cook these…..i got those 2 books too but try only a few dishes….wah…u worship jamie..and now i worship….5x momleh..sifuleh…see my rempah tumeric fried chicken….can pass or not…?

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