Wonderful Malaysian herbs (herba Malaysia)

I love a combination of the below fresh Malaysian herbs. I have such joy blending them into a paste and cook curry chicken kapitan (kari kapitan ayam) with these.

malaysian herbs

The above is a platter of fresh tumeric (kunyit), ginger (halia), lemongrass (serai), red chillies (cabai merah) and kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut). Please note that the kaffir lime leaves are to be used as they are and not to be blended as these leaves have bitter taste. Normally, we use the young shoots and slice them finely. However, these are hard to find and most of the supermarkets sell the older leaves.

garlic and onion

The basic of curry paste are the onions and garlics. It is tough job to peel those onions and blend them but always worth the effort because the amount of onions used will determine how thick the gravy is.

Besides the above ingredients, I also used coconut milk, candlenuts (buah keras) and lime juice to flavour the curry. For the kari kapitan, you can find the recipe from the previous post. (resipi kari kapitan ayam)

kari kapitan ayam

The pot of curry is cooked without any water as it is meant to be dry curry. However, there are sufficient juice from the onions and limes. Serve the curry with french loaf and it will be a hit.

We are lucky that many of these fresh herbs are easily found in markets and they are really cheap too.

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  1. Hi Lilian, this is Cecilia here, just wanted to ask you some questions!! A few years ago, my mum went for a trip to Penang and she came across some delicious almond cookies!! And she’s been bugging me to make it ever since but i can’t find the recipe .. perhaps you could help me with it?!! It those ones that have almonds chunks in it and stuff … I’m in Aus now so couldn’t find anything similar here…pls help:) thanks so much

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