Thank you, please come again

This blog has made me a tidy sum of money. When I started blogging in 2003, blogging is purely blogging for fun. Then, I got caught in the make money with Adsense craze and followed by money through selling text links. I am glad that I did not sacrifice this blog for paid posts except for a few related ones. I have repented and I won’t subject readers to Malaysiabest Best Recipe with unrelated paid posts. That’s my pledge for 2008. Purely food and nothing more.

I can still proudly display this blog as the best food blog. Best in photography, authentic recipes from my kitchen, sincerity in sharing and my quirky way of presenting each topics. They are all from the bottom of my heart and soul. Cooking is something that I can proudly declare “Yes, I am good.” I don’t shine in many ways so this blog is my baby.

It is the year end. I wanted to gather my best foods recipes for the whole of 2007 but that will be too tedious. So, let me end this 2007 with warm wishes to all my dear readers. I have at least 260 to 290 subscribers and I am very proud of that. To all of you who visits regular, thank you very much.

To those who have used my recipes and find them ‘edible’, thank you so much.

May 2008 brings us happier times and great foods.


3 Replies to “Thank you, please come again”

  1. happy new yr to u and ur family too lilian! malaysiabest is still my favourite food blog in the whole www!

  2. dear lilian,
    i’ve been reading your blogs very oftenly, and was triggered by your full esteem of ALL your blogs. I want to blog too, but i really do not know the way of going about it. Still `mong cha cha’ getting things figured out like PPP, textlink..lah, RSS…, wah! really blurr how to go about it. I’m new to blogging and want to earn some xtra… for household and finance children studies, were lilian please share some steps of fuctioning the website or whatever that needs to be done. HELP!from DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE, WITH LOTS LOVE OF THANKS AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO HAVE A BOUNTIFUL YEAR AHEAD.

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