30-minutes lemon cheesecake with chocolate fudge

That’s how long it takes me to make a complete cheesecake. No bluff! Just take a look at the exif data at my Flickr site if you don’t believe.

springform cake tin

4 pm: Assemble stuffs needed. They are : one 8 inch springform cheesecake tin, one lemon, two packets of premix which I bought from CookingIsland and milk and butter.


4.08 pm: Mix a bit of butter, milk and the black forest (or is it chocolate fudge?) premix to make the base of the cheesecake. After well mix, punch them at the base of the sprinform cake tin. A springform cake tin is the kind where you can take off the side of the tin from the base. I bought it from IKEA.


4:30 pm : I have mixed the milk and cheesecake premix. I added the juice of one lemon and also the rind to give it a tangy taste. Now, all I need is to slather them on top of the cake base.


4:34 pm : All complete. Now, I must wait four hours or overnight for the cake to set. Leave it in the fridge! This is a non-bake cheesecake using cheese and milk. Hence, they are easily spoil if not kept well chilled. I cover the top with a cling film to avoid it drying out. Not sure if I should but it seems cleaner that way.

I have licked clean the spatula, mixing bowl and mixer. Yummm…nice.

I cannot give you the correct measurement because it is a premix so I don’t know what goes into the ingredients. I only use milk, a tiny piece of butter and lemon.

If you are interested in getting them, go ask Erina of CookingIsland. And no, I don’t get these free, I buy them. ‘Cos I lansi, I don’t take free meals. Erina ships the baking ingredients within Malaysia and Singapore. I think both the base and cheesecake premix costs me about RM23.

ADDED – Four hours later….

Lemon cheesecake

Taste – yummy!

Chilled cheesecake

I am surprised that there is no ‘artificial’ taste but pure creamy cheese cake.

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  1. Nice, i havent bought anything ffrom Erina yet. But will get to it later on, lol. This looks yummy. I dig premix. No fuss!!!

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