Arrowroot chips – good for Chinese New Year

I am sure you notice this arrowroot being sold in supermarkets right now. They are imported from China and usually available only around this time of the year. Some people immerse the root in water and it will grow into a nice plant by Chinese New Year. I actually did that but my hubby mistook for food and killed my baby arrowroot plant! Poor baby!


The cost of these arrowroots or Chinese grandmas pronounce as ‘ah lu lut’ is very cheap. I think per kilogramme is only about RM4 at most. If you wonder why people buy them, they are edible. Heh, I only discover this like three years ago. I call it seegoo and I posted about them before.

sliced arrowroot

My dear hubby is very deft with his hands and he is the one who peeled and sliced these arrowroots for me. They are tiny and roundish, hence, not easy to deal with. I am clumsy and will probably sliced some skin, flesh and nails along with them if I am asked to do so.

So, if you are interested, here are the steps :

1) Peel and slice the arrowroots with a slicer.

2) Leave them in the fridge or in the open to dry them a bit

3) Deep fry

arrowroot chips

It is a lot of work. Give me a can of Pringles anytime. But for blogging sake I am willing to fry some. My kids have finished all of them. The heat, the oil, the chore…. Blek. However, it is rather tasty and crunchy.

8 Replies to “Arrowroot chips – good for Chinese New Year”

  1. No need to keep in fridge or dry in the open. I practically slice them straight into the frying wok. Easier and it wont get stuck together.

  2. terence – Like this needs two persons to handle? Given to me to slice and fry, maybe I will fry my own skin, nail and flesh inside.

  3. Yeah, I love them too, but I always buy them. I tried to fry them once but the work involved is just not worth it. They keep breaking up when I used the slicer and somehow, they just didn’t turn out that nice after being fried. They also turned soft within 2 days. So since then, I prefer to pay money to get someone to fry them for me, hehehehe…

  4. Oooo, I tried make this chips last year after read your posting and wahlau sooo sedap. Definitely, I’ll make again this year. Ah soh at Tesco looked at me with smile when I picking this arrowhead with them.

  5. 2 years ago my aunt asked us to help her to prepare this arrowhead.Slicing before frying them.Hmm…very tasty and crunchy that we couldn’t resist eating them!

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