How to get criss-cross cuts on squids?


You need a bigger and thicker squid. Cut it open and using sharp knife, gently cut criss-cross in slants. Always cut from the inside of the squid.

Give it a quick boil in hot water to get them to curl up. Then, only cut them into rings. Blek, I should have a video to explain it.

The thing about squids – They are lovely to be eaten as it is. The nicest squids or sotong is to grill them over open charcoal fire. Just rub with a bit of salt to flavour it. The below is the grilled squid I had in Sabah. Damn, this thing costs RM12 bucks. I must have got suckered!

Grilled squid

But if you get some not so fresh ones, then, enhance the taste with lots of garlics and curry leaves.


After that, you can dump some tumeric powder or curry powder and make it oomph with a bit of sugar and tamarind juice.

I made mine with some pre-pack sambal belacan.


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