Root vegetables

I hardly bring out my expensive camera to take pictures nowadays because it is expensive! Normally, when I take food photos I use my son’s point and shoot camera, the Nikon P4 as I can just leave it anywhere around the kitchen without worries as the camera costs only RM900+.

Whereas, if I use my Nikon D40 with the micro lens plus flash gun, that is RM5K lying around in an oily, wet, potentially hazardous to cameras environment, I am asking for big trouble. However, I got the mood and decide to play around with the camera. Here are some photos fo the root vegetables I dug out from my fridge.

lotus root

Lotus roots. They have some nice imported lotus roots around the hypermarket because it is Chinese New Year. Normally, I either make lotus root soup with them or during Chinese New Year, I make a stir fry loh han chye and include lotus root.

fresh wai san

Tesco labelled the above as shan yao. If I remember correctly, this is fresh wai san. It has texture like potato but it tastes bland. So, what I did was to add herbs like red dates, yoke choke and kei chee to the soup I boil with spare ribs.

arrow root

I bought another batch of arrowroot the other day. I am planning to ‘plant’ them. Not sure if they will grow roots and tall stem. Worth a try because they are so cheap. The arrowroot chips I made. *makes mental not to buy anymore arrowroots because those aunties who select them are very fierce! They are like digging gold nuggets and if you happened to grab one ahead of them, they will stare at you. Doh!*


Yam. I found this yam from Thailand which is roundish and tiny. I haven’t try them yet and not sure if they are going to be ‘floury’ or hard and sticky. Yam rice, yam dessert or yam stir fried with dried shrimps and celery is good. Yam is also essential for the chap goh meh or 15th day of Chinese New Year pengat.

There you have it. Links to some previous recipes found either on this site or my other food blog.

3 Replies to “Root vegetables”

  1. The tiny yams are best steamed. They will come out very soft and a bit sticky. Best eaten by dipping into sugar.

  2. Hi Lilian,

    To plan the arrowroot, try not to plan the whole piece cos it might not grow or slow. Cut into 50%,the root part soak in the water, the rest of the body part can cut into slice ,fried it. Change the water everyday . The plan look similar like celery

  3. Abi – Thanks for the tips. I have just done what you told me, chop off the top. I hope it grows

    Sheryl – This is not the smaller ones, but about the size of our fist. So many different kind of different yams in the market, biggest, normal, small, tiny.

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