Basic ingredients for yummy homecooked Chinese meals

chilli,ginger,garlic,spring onions

I was in a rush to cook last Saturday and due to time constraints, I have no time to make anything elaborate. I just got home from the wet market with a batch of nice, fresh oysters and clams. Then, I got to rush to church due to some pre-rostered duty. I got home and need to come up with something real quick to feed the hungry bunch at home.

So, these are the basic ingredients that I used to make two dishes. Actually, I can make three dishes, all different flavours with them.

The main ingredients are what you see above. Spring onion, garlic, ginger and chilli.

I can cook :

1) Sweet and sour crabs – needs addition of fermented bean paste and chilli and tomato sauce

2) Stir fried oysters – needs addition of fermented bean paste

3) Sweet sauce clams – needs dark soya sauce

stir fry oysters

And here’s the stir fry oysters with taucheo sauce.

chinese stir fried clams

And the sweet dark soya sauce clams.

Trust me, these four ingredients will make the most delicious homecooked Chinese meals. What you need to do is either pound them, chopped them or just slice them. Add some fermented bean paste or chillie or tomato suace and you can easily cook pumpkin, hardy melons, fish fillets, chicken fillet or any kind of shellfish with them.

Cooking is not so difficult after all, isn’t it?