Resipi cucur kodok / cekodok

I can’t believe that I am posting a recipe for cucur kodok! It is like the most idiot-proof kind of foods. However, people hardly bother to make them anymore. What we are getting from the banana fritters stall normally taste lousy because they tend to put too much flour and not enough bananas.


You cannot make cucur kodok from just any bananas. The above is a bunch of banana but not the bananas I used because to make fritters, you have to find only certain bananas like pisang awak (yayaya, I know, but this is really a banana’s name), pisang rajah or whatever the fruit stalls assures you it is fine to be used. Do not attempt with just any bananas because some of them will turn gooey when heated and you will go blind if it ‘explodes’ in the oil.

cucur kodok

Each family have their own handed down recipes. I grew up in a kampung surrounded by banana trees and coconut trees. I practically chopped down the banana tree to get the bunch of bananas when they were ripe on the tree. So, let’s say I am an expert in making cucur kodok. 😛

Resipi cucur kodok

Pisang asam/bananas – 5-6 (peeled and mash with a fork)

6 sudu besar/tablespoons gula or sugar, add to the banana

pinch of salt / secubit garam

300 grams tepung gandum or wheat flour

50 cents grated coconut / kelapa parut


Mix all into a thick, goey stuff. Add some warm water if the mixture is too thick. This depends on the kind of banana you use so hard to say if water is need. Spoon into hot oil and fry till brown.

Campur kesemua bahan di atas dan goreng. Kalau adunan terlalu keras, campur sedikit air suam. Senang aje.

cucur kodok

Cucur kodok means toad fritters. Yes, the fried fritters do look ugly like a toad but it is a quick snack for tea time. Great with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea.

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  1. Ya, this looks like something simple that i’d be able to do (i hope).
    Sorry for this stupid question, is the grated coconut squeezed into santan before use or just throw them in?

  2. SP – The white parts of the grated coconut. Actually, it is not necessary but I have leftovers so I added it. The coconut lends a nice taste and also make the texture more interesting. You can also use the dried dessicated coconut if you like.

  3. lolz i used to live in a house surrounded by banana trees but I dun see my mom an expert in turning it into cucur kodok : ( she will always reply, “Just buy outside lah. Senang” *rolls eyes* she always says that when I wanted to eat certain food. Aiyoyo…

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