Anyone knows a good recipe for sherry trifle?

My son went to this birthday party of an Irish girl and he came back and asked me if I know how to make sherry trifle. I do not even know what is sherry except for what I read in novels and story books. I know English ladies drink sherry to get a high in one of those Barbara Cartland’s romance novel. LOL.

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The party is at Stella Maris, which I believe belongs to the Catholic church. It is the first time I have been there and am surprised to find that it is actually quite a large property consisting of rooms and apartment units by the sea. I have some stay-in-concentration camp this Feb. 16th and 17th and I am ‘forced’ to stay there for two days. Initially, I thought Stella Maris, being part of the Catholic church must be some some old bungalows with ghosts of the Brothers and Fathers (priests) roaming around. Hahaha.

Anyway, one of the thing my son ate was the sherry trifle. He found the information on Wiki but I am not going to try something unless someone has a better recipe to share.

sherry trifle

This is the sherry trifle. Both photos are taken by my son.

So, do you have any recipe for some sherry trifle that guarantees to make one a little tipsy and talk rubbish? You know….like some lawyer who claimed he can talk to President George Bush after 2 and a half glasses of wine?

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  1. i know how to make regular trifle.. im guessing sheery trifle u have to soak the bread in sherry?
    mine has 3 layers, bas is normal cake which is broken into bits and mash at the pit..same like making the base for cheese cake,.. then i think u shld pour sherry onto the cake nget it a bit moist..

    next get a can of fruit cocktail..drain it.. sometimes if the cake is too dry i use the juice to moisten the cake… then i spread the fruits over the first layer..

    for the 3rd layer there is a bit of a fuss between me n my mom..i like to mix jelly..not the yellow packet type but the one from the box..flavoured one is best.. i like using this because u just need to mix it into a cup of warm water n its need to boil all.. so once u mixed the jelly pour it over the 2nd layer n freeze the whole thing…my mom likes making custard n using it as the 3rd layer but i dont like using custard..
    serve with a scoop of cream..its yummy,..u should try it..

    happy baking..

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