Garlic – Indispensable in Chinese cooking


Just like the Italians, Chinese too love garlics in their cooking. It is the one item that I cannot do without. I must have garlic in stir fry vegetables, a whole bulb of garlic in soup, stew and garlic oil in steamed dishes. In fact, almost every dish needs garlic.

With just garlic, salt and pepper, I can stir fry many dishes already. You may want to look at Samm’s garlic stir fried with french beans.

Then, chopped garlic is especially nice with calamansi lime and chili, used as a dip for grilled seafoods. Of course, garlic chopped and mixed with dark soya sauce makes bak kut teh extra delicious.

garlic bread

Who doesn’t like crispy and hot garlic bread to chew on or dip in soups?

While writing about garlic, I just recall that I haven’t made acar fish for a while already. Garlic is one of the ingredients in this dish.

tumeric fish

I can go on and on about garlic. I normally buy a lot of them and store them in dark places. They keep well. There is another type of garlic which is the smoked garlic. It has brownish/burnt skin. It is most suitable to make tau ew bak or any type of stew as the smokey flavour lends a nice touch to the dishes.

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  1. I’m going to drown myself in acar fish today 🙂 : 🙂 Got 3 large whole salmon in freezer and dont know what to do…Now I know , thanks to your post !!!!!

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