Nutella cake, The Simpsons and I

My little boy asked to bake a cake and so we bake a cake. I use my normal butter cake recipe and made a bigger banana and chocolate chip cakes (will make another post next time) and leave a small portion for my little boy.

He loves baking because I normally allow him to bring the eggs out of the fridge, find the butter from the fridge, sieve the flour and anything that I deem safe for a little boy of five years old. He loves counting the right number of eggs, measuring the flour and sugar on the kitchen scale and help me to add the ingredients as I mix them.

The Simpsons, cake and boy

It is always fun to have little ones meddling but we must set rules so that they know what not to do and when to keep away. Of course, there are lots of boos boos before like when an over eager little helper knocked an egg into the flour instead of mixing them into the sugar and butter mixture. Still, after a few mistakes, they learn fast and my eldest son can bake a cake on his own already.

nutella cake

The cake is very tiny actually. It is just a regular butter cake recipe which I have reduced the sugar greatly. So, on its own, the batter is not sweet enough as its meant for another cake, banana and chocolate chips. I decide to slather a thick layer of Nutella, which is the chocolate and hazelnut bread spread from Italy (if I am not mistaken) in the middle section of the cake batter.

nutella cake

The cake turns out very delicious but my boys have finished them all. In future, I should bake some cupcakes this way. Just put a tiny amount of cake batter into the cake tin, layer some Nutella or peanut butter and then, top again with cake batter.

I have posted the basic butter cake recipe over to this site because previously it was stored in my Food Haven food blog.

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  1. Oohhh.. how did you make the nice and pretty swirly pattern in the cake using Nutella? I tried doing the same thing with caramel in my vanilla cake but all the caramel just sank to the bottom and got stuck there! Ughhh… hehehe..

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