Jerk. Chicken.

BBQ Chicken

I am not a fan of Korean foods because I dislike the sweetish taste and also the sourish kimchee. I didn’t know the BBQ Chicken Restaurant in Gurney Plaza is a Korean restaurant until I stepped inside. I was expecting BBQ Chicken with Western tastes.

Hehehe. Jerk Chicken is the name of the above dish. I am not sure why they call the chicken a jerk. It costs RM22.90 for two pieces of chicken, some mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Well….for that price, I think I can get better foods in Chili’s or even Dome. The chicken portion is huge but I hate it when they serve mashed potatoes with commercial powdered brown sauce. I wonder if the potatoes are commercially produced potato flakes as well. You get the familiar metalic tastes on your tongue.


The other type of chicken we ordered is this Col-Pop. I am not sure why they call it Col because I immediately think of Colonel Sanders and KFC. However, the popcorn chicken is much nicer than KFC. It better be because it costs RM8.70, twice the price of Colonel Sander’s chicken popcorn. And the portion is really very little.


I flipped through the menu several times and cannot find anything tempting to eat. In the end, I settled for this udon-something. No meat, no anything, except for two pieces of fish cake. Better offerings at Aji-Sen Ramen.

We were there after the peak lunch hour. Yet, they took a long time to bring us our drinks. In fact, the drinks arrived much later than the chicken. I can’t figure out why. And for a fried chicken restaurant, they don’t have kids meals which make it so hard for me to find something for my little boy.

Jerk chicken….Hmm…. Costs me RM64 for the meal. Jerk. Chicken.

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3 thoughts on “Jerk. Chicken.


    (February 6, 2008 - 1:15 am)

    In d US n Canada, beef jerky is a popular snack. it’s dried meat in long strips (very tough but quite fun to eat) as versus Chinese jerky (“yuk gon”) which are in thin square slices. Jerk is similar and in most recipes, refer to Jamaican-style jerky. hope this helps 🙂


    (February 6, 2008 - 3:00 am)

    Beg to differ,…Jerk chicken is just the way the chicken is cooked over the grill and the jerk seasoning is very spicy. The cooked chicken should be moist and it is not a jerky in terms dry beef “jerky”

    Sweet Jasmine

    (February 6, 2008 - 8:04 am)

    i had written a post about this restaurant….their service was really poor….i thought they should have improve by now…

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