Chinese New Year meals – A day of feasting, lots of foods and meeting up with old friends and relatives

First, wishes every Chinese, Gong Xi Fa Cai. Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year and is the beginning of 15 days of feasting and eating. I finally get to sit down in the comfort of my aircond room. Phew….the heat outside is unbearable and burning hot.

My hubby told me last night that he is waking up for live tennis at 3 am (and gone to sleep at midnight). So, I decided to start cooking at 1.30 am in the morning! It was fun because none of my children wanted to go to sleep on Chinese New Year’s eve. I let them play with baking cakes and we got two cakes this morning.

Between the hours of 1.30 am till 4 am, I have cooked a spicy pasta sauce, boiled two packets of pastas, cooked a pot of lap mei fun (or sausage and waxed duck rice) and stir fried a huge wok of vegetables. I woke up at 10 am this morning and cooked one more pot of lap mei fun.


All the foods I brought of course have been walloped by the guests. We had my in-laws gathering at my hubby’s niece new house. It has been fun cooking at that ungodly hour of 1.30 am to 4 am because the noise and ruckus I made probably can be heard throughout the whole apartment unit as it is awfully quiet at that time.


One of my hubby’s grand-nephew (i.e. his nephew’s son, the young man with the chequered shirt) told me his friend sent him a link on Malaysiabest and he discovered that it is actually mine. I am the grand-auntie or kim-poh. *rolls eyes*

As I said, Chinese New Year lasts 15 days. This Sunday, my sisters/brother and I are going to have my family gathering with a nasi lemak party. As usual, I am going to be the food supplier again as I love to show off.

I like cooking in huge quantities as it is challenging to get the foods to suit others’ tastebuds. Cooking large quantities of food also needs some smart planning and costs saving tricks. Maybe I will share more on that next time. How to get maximum quantity of foods at minimal costs.

brocolli,sweet peas and celery

P/S : I started my vegetarian fasting today as it is the beginning of Lent. It actually starts on Ash Wednesday which was yesterday. It is brocolli and egg with rice for lunch for me today. Earlier, I actually picked out all the little clams from the spicy pasta I made, to the amusement of my hubby and sons. LOL, but I popped one chicken floss roll in my mouth because I forgot. I am going to be at my sons’ mercy this 40 days because they love to trick me. Meanwhile, my hubby too loves to joke with me like giving me a piece of prawn or meat and tells me, “Quick, open your mouth, Jesus is not looking.” It is nothing religious and my faith does not dictate it. I took up the challenge more to test my own will.

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  1. Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

    Just curious, u cooked so early, how do u keep the food warm since u only serve them much later? Will reheating actually cause your food to look less appealing?

  2. hi, read with interest yr interesting recipes and blog. we are far from home for cny and enjoy your reading about chinese new year celebration in malaysia. thanks a million.

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