The Indocine – Thai and Vietnamese foods

brocolli and stuffed mushroom

My family Chinese New Year reunion was an impromptu one. We didn’t plan anything as hubby worked on that day. So, we went to Queensbay Mall, looking for a place to dine. As it is Chinese New Year, we want a place serving Chinese foods but Dragon-I was closed and the other place is probably Johnny. But all my kids hate the sight, smell and mention of steamboat.


IndoCine is a restaurant with nice decor and very high ceiling. There are glass windows all around and views are great. You can either sit near the window and enjoy the view of Penang bridge or sit in the middle and see the atrium of Queensbay. They have a few Vietnamese English speaking staffs.


Overall, we have a nice cosy dinner and took plenty of photos as there were not many patrons as we were early. They have these tiny corners with different type of ambience. There are some ethnic decors with bamboo and some regular dining places plus a corner like what my family occupied.


As for the foods, I can’t say it is really that special. However, it being a Chinese New Year’s eve and almost all the restaurants were closed, we have to make do with what’s available. We had the set dinner for four pax at RM178++. It is inclusive of fresh fruit juices, dessert and several dishes. The above is the Vietnamese spring rolls. The first photo is the stuffed mushroom with brocolli. I know they mention some abalone but I don’t see a single thing that looks remotely like it. LOL.


Some fish name chee choe or something like that. Don’t order it. It smells of bamboo shoots or something weird like burnt coconut. The fish is fresh but the sauce overwhelmed it.


Some three flavoured prawns. (when you see I describe foods with ‘some’ you know how enthusiastic I am 😉 )


Some tomyam that has even more prawns. So my Chinese New Year reunion was filled with lots of hee-hee-haa-haa.

And our meal is complete with tab tim krop or water chestnut and coconut cream.


Indocine is on the last floor of Queensbay and is a new outlet. A nice place to entertain but the foods flavour probably needs some adjusting. Even for someone like me who loves spicy foods, I find the foods taste too overpowering and many of them too salty. I know Thais love their foods real salty but they will probably get more regular diners if the flavours are adjusted to suit Malaysians’ taste. As it is not exactly a cheap restaurant, it is wise to balance the flavours to suit Chinese taste buds who normally go for something milder.

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3 thoughts on “The Indocine – Thai and Vietnamese foods


    (February 9, 2008 - 1:36 am)

    i wander is this Indocine from the Indocine group of Singapore…
    If yes then they have another outlet in KL @ Asian Heritage Row.
    but under a different name – Bar Savanh & Cochine.
    I like the food there and also the ambience.
    if you have a chance then try Indocine-s in Sg..the ambience is fantastic+ the food is good too…a real gastronomic affair.


    (February 9, 2008 - 9:20 pm)

    I doubt authentic Thai food are salty. Indeed, in Thailand, instead of overdo it, the soya sauce,chilli,sugar and chilli powder are given free.


    (February 14, 2008 - 6:15 pm)

    Gong Xi Fa Chai Lilian!

    I tried a Vietnamese Restaurant @ Pulau Tikus called Cain Viet, add: 19,Lintang Burma. Just few doors away from Shin Tai Ma.

    Since I haven’t been to Vietnam yet… Am not sure how authentic it tasted but I’d tasted Vietnamese cuisine only in Europe.

    Some of my friends who’d been to formerly defunct Bingo, they said this place is a change. Price wise is moderate.

    What I like from the place is the ‘real’ rice paper used in their dishes where certain items, you’ll have a DIY where they will give a soften rice paper for you to wrap. The braised duck in their special is good too. We had several dishes and end it with Vietnamese coffee-the real version-with percolateur, condensed mik and thick black coffee and their speciality -dainty Apple Tart-thinly sliced apple arranged on top of light coconut cream ( think) & crunchy pastry. Beware though you have to order in advance because it’s made on demand.

    It’s now a habit for my family that the last 2 items are a must to conclude our dinner over there. Now, if only I can have their Apple Tart recipe… 🙁 What they have there is different from the vietnamese recipe books I have.

    Oh, I think Thai cuisine not that salty at all. Like moo_t said, condiments are serve separately for you to add on according to your taste buds. I kinda prefer sourish & hot taste though.

    Best wishes

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