Vegetarian – Day 3

I guess if I am going to be all gungho in going vegetarian, I might as well note down what I ate from time to time. So, today is Day three of my ‘no meat, no seafood’ journey. I am going for 40 days and I doubt I will have the same enthusiasm as the days go by. Probably if I make it a mission to come up with decent looking foods and blog it, I will have that extra motivation to stick to my resolve.


This siew pak choy is going very cheap at Tesco. The whole bunch only costs 70 cents. Remember to wash your vege really clean ‘cos I wonder how much pesticides they put in it because the vegetables are so perfect with no bugs or any insects nibble. I boiled mine first before I give it a quick stir fry with chopped garlic and a dash of oyster sauce.


I am so amused to see them selling canned Monk jump over the wall vegetarian style. It costs only RM3+ so I bought it. It has lots of bamboo shoots, wood ears, mushrooms and some soy stuffs. Taste terrible but what to do….I can only dream of fish maw, scallop, abalone until I finish my 40 days.


This pandan chicken is really lovely with Thai Chillies sauce. You can see two brands of thai chillies sauce featured in my other food blog.

Another meal down, 74 more to go….

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  1. Well that seems to be really good.. Can you detail the recipe?

    I wish you good luck too, even if I have been vegetarian for 8 years..

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