Proud to be in the Foodbuzz community

If you notice, I recently joined the Foodbuzz community. It is a circle of food bloggers that were invited by the editors of Foodbuzz. I am proud that the editors have discovered my food blogs and like what they see here.

Food blogs are not something anyone can write. You got to have that passion for foods and cooking. Then, ideally the food blogs are filled with beautiful photos that exudes the delicious tastes of the foods. Whether it is melted cheese dripping from a hot pizza or the sheen on a roasted duck skin to show how crispy it is. These are all the nuances that only foodies can eke out out of their cameras. You got to feel the taste of the food before you can capture them on photos.

Writing a food blog has peer pressures that I do not find in other niches. With other niches, I can just write whatever comes to mind. With my food blogs, I have to maintain that standard that is on par with other foodies. If I see some better blogs than mine, I usually try to ascertain why their blogs seem to stand out from the rest of the pack. Sometimes, it is the angle of their photos. Sometimes, it is their excellent command of the English language where they can wax lyrical over things while I can only write “the food is nice, the taste is great”.

Everyone can bake a humble pie. But not everyone can write a post on how to cook that draws people to return every day to read. That’s why I am glad I am now in the Foodbuzz community because it pushes me to be part of the high standard expected of this Foodbuzz community.

As I mentioned earlier, not every food blogs are admitted to Foodbuzz. The blogs are vetted and if they are found suitable, an invitation will be sent by the staffs from Foodbuzz. Let me give you the links and you may want to try checking if your blog fits the criteria of the Foodbuzz community.

All you have to do is click the following link to fill out the Foodbuzz Referral Form. The Foodbuzz Team can then contact you asap!

Or, simply contact jen(@) with the following information:

Full name: (your full name)
Full name of referral: (i.e. my blog
Title of your blog:
Preferred email (or phone number):
Current Advertising program (if any):
Estimated Monthly Page Views (if you know):

Can’t wait to have you join me!

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