Malaysia election date – 8th March 2008

This has nothing to do with foods. But this blog is Malaysia Best so I must make a mandatory post about the Malaysia general election date which is on a Saturday on March 8 2008. This happens only once every five years and I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I am voting.

So, keep the date open, folks. I hope everyone is going to cast your vote in this 12th general election? Over here in Penang, it looks like an interesting race with new faces from the opposition parties concentrating on our little island.

I read a funny quote from JeffOoi’s blog yesterday. He said he must stay away from sushi and egg. Instead, he must eat a lot of coconuts.

As explained by JeffOoi :

No sushi. No eggs. Have more coconut stuff.

To Penang Hokkien, sushi (su si) means ‘to lose completely’ (输死); eggs (jia nui) mean ‘zero’ (吃鸡蛋).

Have more coconut, ‘pao yia’ (包椰), means ‘guaranteed to win’ (包赢).

LOL, the next time you are sitting for exams, don’t eat sushi and eggs. Eat coconuts, drink coconut water and use coconut shampoo. And also don’t chiak chai too much. My food blog buddy said it rhymes with something else. LOL.