Nutella chocolate,banana and bread

I know chocolate banana cake tastes good and I love it. But I just cannot stomach a whole banana slathered with Nutella chocolate. My kids love them and sometimes, they can finish a bunch of bananas by smothering Nutella on them. Eewwss…stay away from me. They look icky!

nutella banana bread

My little boy asked for Nutella and banana so I make it looks prettier by turning it into a sandwich. It is much easier to eat than slicing the Nutella and covering it with Nutella.

nutella banana bread

I am sure if I put the slices of bread into the toasties or what you call those machines where you toast breads into triangles, the banana will taste much nicer. I hate bananas but if they are cooked, they taste a lot better. I am too lazy to dig my kitchen cabinet for the toastie machine.

This slice of bread with banana has to be forced fed to my eldest son after I took photo of them because I am so not eating banana with Nutella and bread. I don’t know why but it seems so weird to fresh banana as sandwiches.

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