Dragon beard veggie from Cameron Highlands

Many years back, I was introduced to the dragon beard veggie or in Mandarin, Long sou chye or long sou choy in Cantonese. It is a creeper plants growing in the wild and they have these tendrils that look really curly and cute. According to the guy who introduced us to dragon beard, the locals in Cameron Highland folks use the plants for sun shade plots and also to provide cover for slopes to prevent erosion.


Nowadays, people know that the vegetable tastes good and have even commercially produced them, I suppose. I bought a bundle from Tesco the other day. They have trimmed off the tendrils so what we get is a bunch of young shoots.


You need to peel off the outer skin a bit if you find it too fibrous. Use your nail and try to break off the stem and if it doesn’t break, then, peel off the outer skin. Otherwise, it is fine.

dragon beard vege from cameron highlands

I stir fried the dragon beard with some garlic and Chinese cooking wine and a dash of salt. Crunchy, sweet and very nice.

This dragon beard veggie is almost similar to pucuk paku which is fern shoots but dragon beard is much hardier and I suppose not suitable to be eaten fresh.

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