Tea – dried flowers, non-caffeine

I post a photo of the complete ingredients I use to make a pear dessert and have received a few enquiries for a more complete recipe. Cooking does not need a firm and fast rule. Just go with the feel and enjoy the food, that’s the best thing I can offer. If you are short of one ingredient, sometimes, you can just ignore it.

jasmine flower

Jasmine tisane is consumed in China, where it is called Jasmine flower tea (茉莉花茶). You can buy these herbal tea from tea galleries. They are around the shopping malls selling Chinese tea.

sweet osmanthus

Osmanthus fragrans or Sweet Osmanthus 木樨 is these tiny yellow flowers that has a very nice fragrance. I bought it from the tea gallery too and they asked me to steep a teaspoon of Sweet Osmanthus and a teaspoon of Jasmine to drink as it helps with clearing phlegm or coughs.

pear,jasmine,rock sugar, white fungus and

The above are all the ingredients I used. A huge Chinese pear, a piece of rock sugar, teaspoon each of jasmine and sweet osmanthus and white fungus. You can slow boil it, double boil it or leave them in the slow cooker. Just use about two bowls of water.

chinese pear and white fungus

I strain the flowers off because I prefer my dessert to be clear. It is a really nice, cooling dessert and I bet if we takes it often, we may even get as pretty as those concubines in the Chinese palace. LOL.

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  1. You can actually double boil the whole peeled pear with rock sugar and red dates. They can reduce cough too. Well, thats what my dad teaches mom. She adds in another ingredient but not sure what it is.Anyway, its omit-able.

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