Dinner ideas for 35 teens

I volunteered to prepare dinner for a group of 35 growing teens. I need to prepare the dishes at home and bring it to them. This means I have to find something that can easily be transported. There are Indians and Chinese (Christians) youths so I am only preparing chicken and not other meats as I am not sure if they are used to eating pork or beef eventhough the faith allows it.

lamb shank

I am not suppose to prepare anything lavish as all their meals during the three days will be contributed by the parents. My son said if I made something too extravagant, I may spoil everyone there. LOL, he knows that I tend to go overboard if I am cooking for other people.

So, I am going to prepare a dish of chicken stew with lots of potatoes and mushrooms. I am going to find some filo pastry and throw them over the top of my dish to make it look nicer and less boring as stew normally looks.

vegetarian sweet and sour chicken

To cut cost, I am also going to prepare a sweet and sour dish which I will probably put lots of cucumber, pineapple and maybe squid balls. The above is a dish of vegetarian chicken.

Baked beans & eggs, Chinese style

And finally, the cheapest dish of all, baked beans and eggs! It is so easy to prepare and always liked by everyone.

After I have set out the above, I feel that there is something lacking here. I feel there is not enough meats for the hungry teens and yet, it will be quite ridiculous to prepare another chicken dishes. I will need to find out if lamb is cheap enough and I may make some mild curries for them.

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    (March 12, 2008 - 8:48 am)

    A baked macaroni dish is always popular with growing teens


    (March 12, 2008 - 12:20 pm)

    ahh i was about to suggest baked pasta dish too haha… or maybe a minced meat pie topped with mash potatoes??

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