Online auctions

Some of you may have notice the recent increase in websites which offers online auctions. Sometimes, it is very interesting to browse around and check out what are some of the interesting things people put up for auction. The other day, I found a supplier for organic chicken. I tried to make enquiry but that online auction site have some problems and I failed to get a reply from the organic chicken supplier. I wanted to know if I can just buy one organic chicken and whether the chicken will be delivered to my doorstep like how other products are delivered.

Oh well, they should have get themselves a better platform if they are serious in setting up an online auctions site. Take for example, this eBid Online Auctions . They have organised their auctions according to countries and they have half a million auctions in 6,000 categories. What is best is there is no listing fees. According to them, they provide great value to their users with a $49.99 all you can eat tariff that goes against eBays charging per item. I believe they mean that you pay a one-time fee for everything.

There is also a Singapore eBid Online Auctions and you can buy or sell practically anything through their listings. I am looking for something for Easter and I think this Easter candy treat craft bags will come in nicely. By the way, Easter is on March 23rd, 2008 so you still have time to plan for some Easter shopping. The same supplier also have some lovely party favor muffin cups and these can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world. One can make payment by PayPal or credit cards.

I have never tried bidding or put up anything for auction before. I think I will be so addicted to these sort of things so I better stay away. However, if you love to shop, this is for you.