Do they serve rabbits for Easter dinner?

I watched one of the cook show from New Zealand yesterday and they showed this wonderful recipe using rabbits. It is so simple to do. The lady slather dijon mustard on the rabbit, put some salt and pepper and pour Chardonnay on the tray. Then, she bake it in the oven.

And that’s it. So, I told my sons, “Let’s get some rabbits and do this dish for Easter dinner!” All of them shouted at the same time, “WHAT!!!! Mom, are you crazy? You are going to kill the Easter bunny and eat it? You are sick!”

LOL, actually, I don’t think we can find rabbits as foods here. We only have rabbits as pets. Otherwise, I told my sons we can go to the pet shop and buy the biggest rabbits there are and make Easter dinner with them.

Anyway, I don’t have any plans on what to cook for Easter. I won’t be free in the morning as I have choir in church and then, by the time I get home, it will be almost lunch time. So, the only alternative is to have Easter dinner. It will be sort of my celebration of going back to eating meat. I think I will go and buy a leg of lamb and roast it for Easter dinner.

If you want any recipes for Easter, you can take a look at my Christmas recipes for some ideas. Jamie Oliver lamb shank pie sounds like a good dish.

My post has been slow these few days because I am still on vegetarian diet and I really do not have much to offer other than the regular salad, stir fried vegetables and etc. Cannot wait for Easter! It is this Sunday, 23rd March 2008. Today is Maundy Thursday or the last supper with Jesus before He died. On Friday, it is Good Friday and we will try to fast till at least 3 pm. Fasting on Good Friday normally means drinking only water. Kehkehkeh, I will try to sleep till 1 pm so I don’t feel so hungry. But that is not possible because I have church duty at noon. Normally, Christians break fast on Good Friday with hot cross buns.

hot cross bun

So check back soon! I hope when I am back to meat in my diet, I will have more motivation to cook better dishes and take nicer photos.

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  1. A couple of years ago it was quite easy to find rabbit meat here. At one point there was a fad where there was rabbit satay, rabbit burger and grilled rabbit being sold at pasar malams.

    Not sure where to get them now though.

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