I have completed my vegetarian fasting with dimsum!

I never really know when one starts fasting for Lent and when one stop. I think it was only last year that I learnt that we start fasting on Ash Wednesday. But I do not know when we are supposed to end our fast. I figure that it should be one Maundy Thursday or the Last Supper because one must be feasting with Jesus before His death on Good Friday.

The mass in my church today takes on a solemn yet joyful ring. For the last 40 days, we have not sung the Gloria but today it is accompanied by bells and incense. So, I take that as a cue that on this night, i.e. Thursday night, I must stop fasting.

One of the thing that I missed most about not eating meat is dim sum. I don’t think any vegetarian dim sum can satisfy the cravings for those oily, fatty minced meat with prawns.

dim sum

So, right after mass, we went to eat dim sum. Oh boy…meat, prawns and even fish balls never taste so good. After 40 days of fake meat and pretentious seafoods, I found the simple dim sum from Cafe De Tai Tong sooooo goood.

dim sum

I had mussles dim sum, scallop dim sum, sharksfin dim sum and noodles with prawns….. Yumm….

But this is just for tonight. On Good Friday, we are supposed to fast. Normally, I do not take solid foods but will probably drink a glass of Milo (just so that I don’t faint in the middle of the veneration of the cross). Hehehe. Fasting on Good Friday ends after I finished mass.

Today, on Good Friday, the mass is at 12 noon. That means, I am back to eating regular meals once I finished mass. I am going to roast chicken for Easter dinner. I have also bought some huge oysters from the Japanese foods supply company and am thinking of baking oysters thermidor. We also bought some cheese and wine.

easter egg

Island Plaza here has some Easter eggs colouring contest and these cute eggs are so adorable. These are huge eggs, measuring at least 2 feet tall.


I am not sure if I have time to blog over the weekend because I have several things to do. So, in case, I don’t post until then, Blessed Easter to all! Let’s celebrate the resurrection of the Lord! Jesus Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

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  1. Congrats on completing the 40 day vegetarian diet. Really admire you and your persistence. Enjoy your Easter feast!! Alleluia! Jesus is Alive!

    On a separate note, have you heard about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in Msia or Penang? Check out this website http://www.cgsaust.org.au/.


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