Rendang tok, ketupat dan lemang

There are things that taste so good that you will say, “I must blog this!” as you are eating the foods. Rendang tok is one of them. It is not a dish that anyone can cook. Rendang tok, as I am given to understand is from Perak. We can get rendang tok, ketupat and lemang from the Lorong Kulit market in Penang.

rendang tok,ketupat,lemang

Rendang tok is a combination of all the herbs we can find in our Malaysia’s garden. Cekur, daun limau purut, lengkuas, serai, daun kunyit and all combine together with the beef and other spices and santan made it such a lovely beef curry dish. It gives very intense flavour and hence, best eaten with the lemang or ketupat.

rendang tok,ketupat,lemang

It must have taken a long time to cook those slices of beef until they are so tender and melts in the mouth. Rendang tok, ketupat and lemang are one of those things that Malaysians ought to experience eating and appreciate our varied traditional Malays heritage in the form of delicious foods.

The portion of rendang tok we bought only costs RM3 and the ketupats sold for RM1 for three. The lemang costs RM1 for two pieces. So cheap!

Lorong Kulit is behind Jalan Dato’ Keramat TNB and the Penang Stadium. The morning market sells everything from stolen goods (or suspected to be), broken toys to antiques to fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices and lots of things. I have another post on Lorong Kulit in Penang Faces.