Recipe : Sotong kunyit – tumeric squid

sotong kunyit

I love squids. I have several posts on cooking squids, cleaning squids and cutting criss-cross pattern on squids.

Grilled squid

I am still drooling when I think of the squid I ate in Sabah. If the squid is huge, it normally has nicer texture as it is sort of crunchy and yet, chewy.

To make the tumeric squid, what I added are just basic ingredients :


500 grams squids – Clean and cut

1 teaspoon of tumeric powder

1 large onion, cut into rings or cubes (depends on how you cut your squid)

2 stalks of curry leaves

3 dried chillies if you prefer your squid hot

sugar, salt and pepper to taste

Method :

Rub your squids with tumeric. Put into the hot wok WITHOUT any oil. The squid will release a lot of water. Keep removing the water as you want your squid to be dry. Continue doing so until there is no more water. Add oil, curry leaves, onions/dried chillies and sugar, salt and pepper and stir fry until the onions and curry leaves/chillies are fragrant.

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