Filet mignon that we couldn’t afford

filet mignon

Filet mignon is described as : Small steak cut from the thick end of a beef tenderloin.

So, as you see it is a rather expensive cut. The other day, right after I completed my Lent fasting, I was hankering for medium rare steak. While we were out shopping, we found this restaurant with some English sounding name and sat down for my bloodied steaks.

My children were with us so we ordered several dishes including two sets of filet mignon.

filet mignon

So, there you have it. Two order of filet mignons plus two other main meals. When we had finished eating, my hubby took out his credit card to pay. But……..the waiter told him that they only accept cash! WTF, we have a bill of $200 and they only accept cash! OMG! Normally hubby and I don’t carry huge sums of money with us. I am also in the habit of not taking my wallet out with me whenever I go out with hubby as I hate the extra responsibility.

Red-faced, hubby told us to sit down while he ran to the nearest ATM to withdraw the money. Lucky that the restaurant is in a shopping mall and there is an automated teller machine nearby. Otherwise, we will be forced to wash the dishes, all the father, mother and sons.

Credit Card Applications are freely available nowadays and almost everyone carries a credit card. So, I am puzzled why this particular restaurant is still backward in the payment acceptance because their dishes are not exactly fast-food restaurant kind of cheap.

filet mignon

Now, I am satisfied. I had eaten the list of foods that I was dying to eat when I was on vegetarian fasting. I have also taken an extra load of food photos so this blog will be active again.

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  1. you shuda given them a iou !

    we never think highly of western steaks ( what with all da blood ), coz the “best” steaks are tasteless without the poor wines

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