Penang Hill – Leave it alone, please!

It is kind of comical that the signboard for the last Visit Penang Year 1988 is still around Penang Hill to remind us that we actually don’t have any Visit Penang since then. Or if there is, I don’t remember it. Here is the 20 years old signboard of Visit Penang Year.


I went up to the Penang Hill last week because hubby is around and we wanted to bring my little boy somewhere. All my other children were in school. So, the three of us just hop on the cable car after our breakfast. Penang Hill foothill is like 10 minutes from my home. The return ticket costs RM4 for adult and RM2 for children.


The main gate at the foothill. It was built in 1923, before the WWII by the British who colonised Penang until our Independence in 1957. The cable car is exactly like the one in Hong Kong Victoria’s Peak. I had been to Victoria’s Peak twice and I must claim that I love Penang Hill more. Victoria’s Peak has lost its soul because everything up there is so commercialised. They have the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum and other gaudy stuffs up there.


Meanwhile, we have green ferns and green vipers up on Penang Hill. I hope the Penang State Government under the new Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will make sure that the beauty of Penang Hill is not exploited for commercial gains. After all, Bukit Bendera is under his constituency as he is a state assemblyman for Bukit Bendera. Read this post on a six year old girl who travels up and down Penang Hill on her own.

bellevue hotel, Penang Hill

Right now, there is one modern property there which is part of the Ye Olde Smokehouse chain. We couldn’t get in to even take a peek because access is only for customers only. It is a restaurant but the food prices are so steep. Hubby and I just shook our heads and walked off. Instead, we head uphill to Bellevue Hotel which has only 11 rooms. The above is a view from their garden balcony. It was so nice to sip tea and eat samosas.

bellevue hotel, Penang Hill

I hope you can read the writings on the signboard? Do click the photo for a bigger resolution. It says that the Bellevue Hotel on Halliburton’s Hill is named after Penang’s first sheriff. Oh wow, we got a sheriff last time. 🙂 His name was William Hallyburton.

Our main purpose of going up to Penang Hill was to visit the Canopy Walk. I shall find the video and show you how fun it is to walk on treetops. That will be for another post.

So, who visit Penang Hill? Sadly, locals don’t bother going up because it is quite a chore to be stuff inside the cable car with B.O and sweaty bodies. We also complain that Penang Hill is no longer cooling. But we have tourists and out of towners who go up to enjoy nature. If you like to take photos, it is worth a visit because views of Penang Island is stunning when there are no haze or rain clouds.