Simple fried chicken recipe

fried chicken

My hubby dislike chicken fried with batter like those sold by KFC or McDonald’s. He will peel off the skin, crispy batter and eat only the meat. Meanwhile, my little boy loves fried chicken like the ones I made.

The above is a very simple fried chicken. I merely season the meat with Chinese cooking wine and fish sauce plus some pepper. Then, just before frying, I pop the chicken pieces into the microwave oven for about four to five minutes. It will cook the inside of the chicken.

fried chicken

Then, I heat up the oil till it is really hot and fry the chicken. It takes less time to cook. To ensure that the chicken pieces are not clogged with oil, take out the pieces when it is golden brown. Then, let the oil heat up till very hot again and give the chicken another quick dip in the hot oil. Take the pieces out and drain the oil. Normally, I will pat each pieces with the kitchen towel to remove even more excess oil.

Simple, cheap and tasty.

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  1. i think every kid loves the fried chicken made by their mums with their own unique recipe! i love my mum’s recipe…which is super easy. she seasons the chicken with pepper and some ‘ngor hiang hoon’ (i dunno what you call it in english..5 spices?) and soya sauce.
    then deep fry.

    your recipe is interesting. i’ve never used fish sauce to marinade! 🙂

  2. Mmmmm looks yummehhh! I love the mamak store’s fried chicken. So good! Yours reminds me of that. We don’t do too much frying at my house, so it’s always a treat – whether mamak, my grammas or KFC (;

    Thanks for the ‘recipe’!

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