Colours of the fruit market in Lorong Kulit

It was the first time I stepped foot in the Lorong Kulit fruit market to buy fruits. The fruits there are fresh and very cheap. I am surprised that they are even cheaper than the hypermarkets. No wonder so many people go to Lorong Kulit. Nowadays, they have made a permanent morning market there.


Mangoes from Thailand are in season now. Two kilogrammes of some of the varieties only cost RM5! We bought three species of mangoes, i.e. the black gold, water lily and cukanan and the total cost is only RM7 for five very huge mangoes.


They sell all sort of local and imported fruits. Even the grapes look so fresh compared to those sold in the supermarkets.


The durians from Perak is nothing compared to Penang original durians. But my children like the yellowish, sweet and not that pungent smelling fruits. So, my hubby practically buy them every few days.

Do take a stroll through the market in Lorong Kulit early in the morning because there are so many things to see. From pets to fruits, clothes, junks, stolen goods, foods, medicine man peddling snake oil and antiques. Lorong Kulit is where the Penang Stadium is. Entrance from Jalan Dato Kramat, TNB.