The aftermath of my vegetarian diet

I PUT ON WEIGHT! Lots of it. And I don’t know to blame my vegetarian fasting, the return to gluttony or my hormones.

When I was on my vegetarian diet for 40 days during Lent, my period become irregular. So, I have this long stretch of feeling hungry all the time. I read that soya beans have a lot of female hormones and that’s why my regular cycle went haywire.

If you don’t see me cooking anything new, it is because I am terribly afraid of pigging out on them. So, no baking cakes and cookies because those will make my jeans even tighter.


I need chocolate or I feel like killing someone. 😛 Joking of course but the feeling is there.

With the Ching Ming (grave clearing) festival, it is no help either. My husband’s brother bought this whole roasted pig for offerings and they gave me the whole head and several pieces of the yummy roasted pork. We had it as pizza, stir fried and I roasted some. We tried giving to people but everyone seems to have a roasted pig and nobody wants it! 🙁

On top of that, it is either this relative from out of town or that relative from out of town who return home for the annual grave clearing festival and hence, more dinners that stretched 10 courses.


I know fresh fruits are good for me and I do take them. But sigh…nothing like meats, lots of them. And seafoods.

I think I need help. Quick. 😛

Ok, enough of rant. I hope to go back to my cooking mood sometime soon.

Meanwhile, it just crossed my mind that it is so easy for our female hormones to screw up and cause over eating or bingeing. That’s why the
Cincinnati Eating Disorder Treatment mentioned that vast majority of patients with Anorexia, Bulimia and Bulimarexia are female. Of course, I won’t go into that path but many of my women’s friends do worry for their daughters. These problems were all due to the rampant exposure of very thin women in the mass media and also the stresses of trying to fit into the model figure.

If you wish to learn more about eating disorders, do check the internet and the link for information. It is tough bringing up children nowdays. We have to continue making sure they are neither too obese nor having eating disorders.

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