Getting lost with a lousy navigator like me


My hubby and I love to take the kids to holidays without much planning. Sometimes, we do not even bother to make hotel reservations because we like to personally check out the place first before we stay.

There was this one time when we drove all the way to Lumut to find out if their resort is good. When we reached there, we were told that they have no more rooms available. So, what we managed was to take photos of the resort. In the end, we had to put up in a tiny hotel with no windows.

Huge windmill that creaks...eek

Now, if I asked my kids if they want to go to Lumut again, they will all screamed in unison “WHAT!!! No way. We are not going to stay in a room with no windows and walking space.”

So, do we learn anything from such trips? No. We still go off holidays without any plans. That’s make things much more adventurous.

The only thing we need when we travel is map. That too is sometimes not required because I am such a terrible and clueless person when it comes to reading maps and will cause the driver to lose direction because I read the wrong direction.


My dear hubby and children have given up on me as the navigator because many times, I was looking in the opposite direction. *roll eyes* That’s why they told me that they should fix a GPS Tracking to the car so that when I go out driving alone, they will be able to find me if I lost my way. Instead of teen tracking, they now want to mom tracking.

Actually it is a good idea to have GPS because nowadays one can get a tracking key and make use of the Google Earth Compatibility and stick the magnet to the car. It is wicked to think what we can do with a hidden, tiny, accurate tracking key, isn’t it?

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    (April 9, 2008 - 11:04 pm)

    I know that place, Swiss Garden!! Great resort…

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