Never trust spaghetti sauce out of the can or Spaghetti Tomyam

I bought a can of Prego tin can spaghetti sauce in tomyam flavour. I was expecting some zing and at least some tomyam fragrance. The spaghetti sauce turned out real bland and tasteless. So, I decided to give it a makeover and added my own ingredients.


First I boil half a packet of spaghetti in olive oil and salt. Then, I pour almost all the water away. After that, I dumped in huge prawns which I bought direct from the fishermen. I went to the fishing village in Teluk Kumbar and found some fishermen who just returned from sea. So, we bought a kilogramme of the freshest prawns from them.

spaghetti prawns

When the prawns are cooked through, I added some of the ingredients like shown below :

mushroom,green capsicum and mint leaves

These are green capsicum, enoki mushroom, abalone mushroom and mint leaves. Do not boil the mint leaves, just sprinkle on the spaghetti when it is ready to be served.

spaghetti prawns

I wasn’t satisfied with the taste and added fresh lime juice, a bit of fish sauce and two tablespoon of real tomyam sauce to make this dish.

I do not like buying pre-made spaghetti sauce in bottles or cans because they normally do not taste nice. Usually, I prefer to buy the basic sauce and add more flavour like cheese or herbs to make those sauces palatable.

So, no more Prego by Campbell for me.

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  1. your pasta looks tempting..n btw, how much is the prawn, since u bought directly from the nelayan 🙂

  2. Never buy canned spaghetti sauce. Do much better with bottled stuff. I think it’s done differently. Tastes very different. Whenever I do use bottle stuff I always add a seafood or meat, and seasonings of my own – capers, anchovies, different mushrooms, more onions, oregano and/or basil, whatever the feeling that’s there.

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