Lamb shank recipe inspired by Chef In Black

I watched an episode of Chef In Black who prepared beef rendang (he pronounced as rain-deng) using beer! It is a Singapore production and therefore, he has all the herbs ingredients. So, I decided to make something using a bottle of Heineken.

lamb shank

Two lambshanks that were seared to seal in the juices.


Caramelise two onions, one bulb garlic and a big chunk of ginger.


I used half a bottle of Heineken as my kids may not like the smell of the beer. A can of Italian plum tomatoes (whole) and button mushroom.


Whatever vegetables I have – celery and carrots.


A pinch of nutmeg mace.


A tiny pinch of rosemary (I’d prefer fresh ones but this is the rosemary tea I have)


A big blob of dijon mustard. Stew the stuffs for at least 1.5 hours or until the meat separates from the bone. I use a pressure cooker so cooking time is only a quarter.

Remember to add sugar, salt and pepper until it tastes just right.

The dish? In another post because I haven’t download the part two.

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