A Chinese temple made of Chinese wine bottles

chinese wine bottle

I went to this unique little temple in Batu Maung or more specific, Telok Tempoyak in Penang yesterday. The temple is decorated with wine bottles. In fact, I remember the old caretaker was featured in an article long ago when there was this movie from Taiwan call something like ‘Wine bottle for sale?’ (chiew kuang tang boey boh?).

chinese temple of wine bottles

There are some photos of the medium in trance and I believed he cut his tongue and the photo showed him drinking with all the blood. Eewwws…I dare not take a close look of the pictures but basically, Chinese temples have mediums or men who can go into trance with the spirit of the deity/idol/god/goddess (however you call it) in them.

chinese temple of wine bottles

Parts of the temple are still in the midst of constructions, wires are everywhere because maybe electricity wasn’t supplied, the place is rather unkept but overall, it looks like there are people who went there to pray. Normally, if the medium can grants wishes or provide lucky number (lottery) to the worshippers, these worshippers will contribute back to the temple. I suppose they haven’t hit the big one yet. 😛

kuan yin

There is a Kuan Yin statue outside and surrounded by what would be a pond, though constructed halfway. Outside, they decorate the walls with Carlsberg bottles. Maybe Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger (some of the more colourful bottles) and other colourful beer bottles’ beer breweries wish to sponsor the temple with their bottles? Hehehe, just a thought.

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