Recipe : Belacan fried chicken

After several attempts, I finally ‘mastered’ the belacan fried chicken recipe. However, before I go on, let me spoil your appetite first.

1) Belacan and red fermented beancurd are not healthy stuffs.
2) Deep fried foods are not healthy either
3) If your kids eat a lot of fried foods, make sure you get them to exercise every day. Mine swim, play badminton, cycling and walk in the parks/jungles and dam. So..

The above is the red fermented beancurd. I discovered that some belacan fried chicken uses it. Normally this is sold in a bottle and I have to find ways to finish them. Some of its uses are loh han chye, khau yoke, hakka pork and this belacan fried chicken.

The recipe I have here is quite a huge portion as I fried 8 chicken drumsticks, weighing at least 600 grams in total. Halve your portions accordingly.

Chicken – 800 grams to 1 kilogram : Use a kitchen knife or scissors and make some slits in the flesh to ensure faster cooking and also better absorption of the marinate

Marinating sauce

2 teaspoon of belacan powder or granules – mix with a little water to dissolve

A few dash of fish sauce


1 square piece of red fermented beancurd

2 tablespoon of Chinese white rice wine

(the last two ingredients are not really necessary if you do not have them but if you do, it gives the belacan chicken a more balanced taste)

Put the marinating sauce and the chicken into a huge plastic bag. Give the chicken a good rub and leave to marinate for at least one hour. Why put in the bag? Because the belacan stinks! Hahaha. You don’t want your hands to smell so putting them in a plastic bag will avoid getting your hands all stinky.

fried chicken

Frying batter

1 egg white – whisk till foamy

Flour + baking powder = self raising flour
(or you can use half cup of flour with 1 teaspoon of baking powder)


Take out chicken pieces but pour away the juice. Those juices are very salty so pour it away, leaving just the chicken pieces. Dip into egg white and roll in flour.

Heat oil till very hot. Fry the chicken by batches.

To get extra crispiness, take out all the chicken. Heat the oil till hot again. Put the chicken into the oil for another quick fry. The second time frying will make your chicken crispier and also ensure that the pieces are not soggy with oil.

Drain on kitchen towel.

fried tumeric chicken

The above photos are not the belacan fried chicken because the chicken smells so great, my kids each grab their portion, leaving none to take photo with. 😛

Other tips for fried chicken

I do not own a deep fryer because I don’t like the idea of deep frying my foods. Normally, I use a deep wok to fry. Remember that when you put your pieces of meat or seafood to fry, the oil has to be very hot. You can know it is very hot when you see the oil with that sinister looking ‘calmness’ and you can feel the heat. However, avoid over heating as in smoking hot. Leave the meat to fry for a while and turn down heat, cover and continue frying at medium heat. However, do not turn down heat too much or your meat will be soggy with oil. Make sure that you can hear the oil bubbling. To test if your meat is cooked, poke with a chopstick. If it is cooked, no bloodied juices will ooze out.

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  1. the belacan is those normal belacan that u use to fry vege and make sambal?

    i always wanted to try the red beancurd fried chicken. my place here economy rice always make nice red beancurd fried chicken.. but i dun recall tasting any “belancany” inside…

  2. dear lillian, i had to laugh at your ‘sinister looking calmness’ phrase which is completely true… i also think of it as the ‘calm before the storm’:-) what a yummy recipe. must-try. xoxo

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