Video : Indian snacks

I mentioned about this stall selling Indian snacks in Penang. I returned to the stall again and this time, I took a video of the man frying samosas.

He enjoys very good business and I had to wait for him to prepare a new batch of samosa for frying. Too bad I took the video using low resolutions and failed to bring to you the sounds of the Little India in the background, the smoking hot oil and the delicious snacks close-up.

Penang blogger, Foong of PenangViews also featured this gentleman and his tea time snacks. He is definitely famous. LOL. So many bloggers featured him.

3 Replies to “Video : Indian snacks”

  1. Hello Lilian,
    First congratulation to your wonderful webpage. – I visit frequently. I watched your video “Indian Snacks”. Would you be kind enough to reveal what time and where or from which street corner the “Guru of Samosas” is operating ? It seems to be late afternoon before some other hawkers come on. I was unable to recognise the location in the video. I would like to have the pleasure to dig into a hearty Samosa on my next trip to Penang.
    Thank you ..and best regards, Ben, Perth-Australia

  2. Ben – It is at the junction of Queen Street and this gentleman is around in the afternoon only. Say 2 pm onwards till maybe 5-6 pm. Hope you can find him next time.

    Foong – You are most welcome.

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